Data Science Foundations: Geometry and Topology of

Complex Hierarchic Systems and Big Data Analytics

Datasets and Software Accompanying This Book

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Provision of data and of some R software, and in a few cases, other software, is with the following objective: to facilitate learning by doing, i.e. carrying out analyses, and reproducing results and outcomes. That may be both interesting and useful, in parallel with the more methodology-related aspects that can be, and that ought to be, revealing and insightful.

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Chapter 10

Additional Datasets and Software Analytics Environments.
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Most recent update: 2017 October 29. Updated were: (i) Under "Chapter 10", the link now has access details written here; (ii) Under "Related to subsection 5.2", "Software", a .c program and three .r scripts are now accessible. (iii) Under "Chapter 5", the link to nrutil.h is accessible.