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Software Accompanying a Paper, Latest Update, 25 Oct. 2017.

  1. Software associated with the paper, "Linear Time Visualization and Search in Big Data Using Pixellated Factor Space Mapping".
  2. Text file with the R software used to create two of the figures in the paper. This software covers the construction of the pixellation of the factor space plane, factors 1 and 2.
  3. PixellatedFactorSpaceMapping_Rsoftware_v3.txt.
  4. FRanalysisCANNESAVIGNONSUPPL11Sep2016SOME.RData, processed and prepared data used here, with a short description of how this was prepared. (Size: 45MB.)

Patents from Work Described Here

  1. Multiscale signal processing (currently 9 patents or applications are listed that cite work in this area).
  2. Clustering and search (currently 19 patents are listed as citing work in this area).

Multivariate Data Analysis, Clustering, Data Mining

Signal, Image Processing

Human-Machine Interaction; Systems

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Papers here have been superseded by newer and better papers. They are retained here because they have been picked up by search engines.
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